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5 ways to save for a down payment on a home

A down payment is what many homeowners consider to be a big barrier to home ownership. Generally, a down payment for a home loan ranges from 3 percent to 20 percent* depending on various factors. So, where does one in the Seattle/Renton/Tacoma areas start? Saving!...

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A home loan program fit for someone who is self-employed

The modern workplace is changing. More people are self-employed and working from home these days. This entrepreneurial spirit should be celebrated as it is what the American dream is all about. Home ownership is also a part of the American dream, and if you work for...

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The key steps to the home-buying process

If you are ready to purchase your first home in the Seattle/Renton/Tacoma area, it may be exciting, but it could also lead to a little bit of apprehension. The process can seem pretty daunting – we get it! It is important to know where to start and the steps you will...

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Honolulu makes top 5 on Yelp’s top foodies list

If you need another reason to consider Honolulu one of the top destinations in the world, add the food to the list. According to Yelp, Honolulu is the No. 3 best location for foodies in the U.S. To come to this conclusion, Yelp analyzed new restaurants, including the...

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4 things that could be red flags about a house

The home buying process can be exciting, and it also can be a little nerve-racking. It is important to do your due diligence in your preparation and all the way through the close of the transaction. This includes checking your credit score, budgeting, getting...

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New authentic Italian restaurant opens in Roseville

A new Italian restaurant that serves up authentic pasta and wine with a full-service bar has opened in Roseville. Trattoria Da Gino, which serves classics like Spaghetti Carbonara, Linguine Vongole, Penne Salmone and Rigatoni Bolognese, recently opened its doors at...

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5 things that make up your credit score

Your credit score plays a big part in getting a home loan. Many home buyers are unsure about what actually makes up their credit score though. At Element Mortgage, we make educating our clients a priority because we believe that the more educated they are, the better...

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Bubble waffle dessert place opens in Honolulu

Have you ever had a Hong Kong-style bubble waffle? If not, there is a new ice cream establishment in Honolulu that is serving them up. Located at 1284 Kalani St, Double Three serves bubble waffles, which are an egg waffle cone that's packed with goodies to make an ice...

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How renovation home loans work

When you purchase real estate, the home may not be in the exact shape that you prefer. In these instances, you may choose to remodel. Funding that renovation could seem daunting, but a renovation home loan can provide some relief. A renovation home loan can assist a...

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