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Common misconceptions about the VA Loan program

Are you a Veteran, servicemember or surviving spouse living in Seattle? Would you like to purchase a home or refinance in 2019 to help set up your financial goals for the future? Then a VA Loan might be a good option for you. VA Loans are insured by the U.S....

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Hawaii VA Loan limit increases in 2019

VA Loans are a powerful tool for servicemembers, Veterans, or eligible surviving spouses in Hawaii. It is a unique home loan program that is backed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, and because of that, it offers favorable loan terms. Here at Element...

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Details on the new Roseville event and sports complex

Adding to the recreational opportunities available in the Roseville area, a new sports and event complex is currently under construction at the Placer County Fairgrounds. Here are some of the details/potential of the new facility, according to The Sacramento Bee: It...

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Three reasons why locking in your rate is important

While many consumers may want to jump right into looking at listings when thinking about shopping for a new home, the more financially prudent option is to begin with getting approved for a loan. By beginning the home purchase experience with getting a loan, a home...

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Roseville/Sacramento named top U.S. growth city

If you have been thinking about moving to Roseville, you aren't alone. In fact, Roseville, along with Sacramento, was recently named the top growth city in the U.S. Research conducted by U-Haul uncovered that the Sacramento/Roseville (they were grouped together...

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Your goals and how to communicate them to your agent.

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Don’t “push a button to get a mortgage.”

Hupadgh eeoth ep gotha nnnAzathoth llll navulgtlagln kadishtu naflHastur ilyaa k'yarnak, athgoth hai kadishtu shtunggli naflgrah'n h's'uhn hafh'drn wgah'noth wgah'n nafln'gha, n'gha ee Tsathogguaog Nyarlathotep syha'h hupadgh ah n'ghft grah'n. Shogg nnnee y'hah syha'h...

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