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With one month already in the books for 2020, the home-buying season is closer than ever.

Spring can be an optimal time for real estate activity as inventory can soar during this time of the year. Aspiring homeowners, generally, prefer to shop for a home between April and June, when the weather is nice, kids are on break and the year is nearly half completed.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the Roseville area this year, here is a strategy to try to enter the market successfully. The following tips are five ways to make a splash when you introduce it to the spring market.

Do a deep clean of the yard

The weather isn’t ideal just now, but as spring approaches, do a deep clean of your yard and outdoor area.

Clean out dead leaves and other debris. Remove overgrown vegetation that blocks windows and walkways. Cut bushes and trim the trees.

Your home’s curb appeal must be in tip-top shape for it to truly stand out from the rest.

Raise the curtains

Take your drapes and other window accessories to the dry cleaners.

Have them washed, dried and pressed. Blinds can be reinvigorated with a nice soapy bath.

Just pay extra attention to your windows and remove dust, spider webs and anything else that gets in the way of them shining.

Floor them with great floors

If you have hardwood floors, get them refinished if possible to give them new life.

Whether you have ceramic or linoleum, presenting your home with a bright and shining flooring is vital.

Do whatever it takes, like using bleach to whiten dull grout, to make the bottom interior of your home shine like a diamond.

Decorate with colorful towels, throws

Don’t forget the details inside your bathroom or living spaces.

New linens, towels and throws in soft spring colors will accent and light up any room.

For an exciting presentation, it’s a good idea to layer towels on a bathroom rack or place them rolled up on the counters.

Treat them right

Going on home tours can increase one’s appetite.

Satisfy your visitor’s hunger with special, individually wrapped treats during your open house.

This trick will also encourage visitors to linger a little bit longer in the room where treats are available, so they can admire some details they may have otherwise missed.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and upgrading into a new one, contact us to learn more about some incredible home loan tools and resources. Together, we can try to maximize your investment with a smooth transition from your old home into your new one.

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