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Have you ever had a Hong Kong-style bubble waffle? If not, there is a new ice cream establishment in Honolulu that is serving them up.

Located at 1284 Kalani St, Double Three serves bubble waffles, which are an egg waffle cone that’s packed with goodies to make an ice cream sundae. The cone is made up of flour, egg, sugar and milk and has distinct bubbles on them after they are cooked. At Double Three, the popular Hong Kong treats are made to order so they are fresh, which produces a crunchy exterior and chewy interior.

Though it just recently opened, Double Three has 4.5 stars on Yelp with reviewers raving about the freshness of the ingredients, customer service, the authenticity of the Hong Kong treat and variety of flavor options.

Bubble waffles have become sort of a social media phenomena on Instagram as well, considering the visual appeal of the dessert. If you stop by, make sure to snap a photo of yours and watch the interaction on your posts light up.

Honolulu is full of unique and delicious restaurant options. We would like to officially welcome Double Three to the area!

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