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More and more aspiring homebuyers are turning to a reliable way to buy a home: through an FHA loan.

These federally backed loan programs were the most widely used among non-conventional loans, holding an 11 percent share in 2018, according to the Census Bureau. VA-backed loans accounted for nearly 6 percent in the real estate market.

What makes the FHA loan so powerful is that it’s issued through a government-approved lender. And it’s also distinguished through lenient borrower requirements.

As such, FHA loans allow individuals with moderate income or less-than-ideal credit scores to take advantage of this flexible loan program. It also stands out through its modest down payment conditions.

These loans are specifically designed to help borrowers get into the home of their dreams.

If you’re thinking about moving, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer, this loan is for you.

Whether you’re looking in Seattle/Renton/Tacoma, or somewhere nearby, Element Mortgage can assist you as you begin the loan application process.

Our trusted and experienced loan professionals will carefully tell you what to expect, including details about how much you’ll pay with an FHA loan, giving you the confidence to move quickly

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