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Deciding to purchase a home is a big decision. There is a lot that goes into it other than which Seattle-area neighborhood you want to live in, your commute and one-story v. two-story – it is a big financial decision.

There are a variety of loan programs to choose from. The one you ultimately utilize is largely based on your current financial picture and long-term goals.

Here are some key questions you should ask yourself when determining which loan program is ideal for you.

  • Do you think your income could be altered in the near future because of a promotion, change in jobs or retirement?
  • Will your investments be changing?
  • Do you see yourself living in the home for a long time?
  • Do you plan to have children in the future, or will your adult children be moving out?
  • What type of investor are you? Are you aggressive or conservative? Or, do you think you are middle of the road in that regard?

Based on your answers to these questions, you will be able to more accurately make the decision between things like an Adjustable Rate Loan v. Fixed-Rate Loan, Interest-Only Loan, VA Loan, FHA Loan, and so on.

We make sure to go through all of these questions with you so that you can make informed decisions about your future and your real estate investment.

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