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A new survey reveals America’s highest-paying cities – and Honolulu made the cut.

Based on information from other data sets by U.S. News Report rankings, such as best-paying jobs and best jobs, two California cities and New York landed on the list, along with Seattle, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Napa. Honolulu was ranked No. 16.

Most of the top jobs referenced in the survey are in the medical field.

Honolulu is not just a great place to visit. It’s also a wonderful place for high-paying jobs in sectors that will continue to be in high demand.

Living in Hawaii is also in high demand for all the other obvious reasons. Whether it is the beautiful landscape, places to eat or entertainment options, Honolulu and Oahu have a lot to offer.

If your goal is to make Hawaii home, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our local and experienced home loan professionals are ready to assist you and answer your questions about the market and region.

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