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If you need another reason to consider Honolulu one of the top destinations in the world, add the food to the list.

According to Yelp, Honolulu is the No. 3 best location for foodies in the U.S. To come to this conclusion, Yelp analyzed new restaurants, including the mix of food options, reviews, and ratings. Obviously, Honolulu’s location played a factor here, since it is in a prime spot to serve top-notch seafood and fresh fruit.

Honolulu placed just below San Francisco and St. Louis, and just above Plano, TX, and San Diego.

We’ve written about how new and unique places to eat keep popping up around the island, and how it is considered one of the healthiest cities in America as well. As the good news keeps rolling in, it is no wonder so many families would like to purchase real estate in Honolulu.

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