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Fort Collins burger lovers rejoice! The California-based In-N-Out restaurant is making its way into town with plans for its third Colorado location, according to The Denver Post.

The company submitted concept plans for the restaurant in October, and the plans call for a site on College Avenue near Colorado State University, just south of Old Town.

It is expected to open next year, according to the Post.

At first glance, the three-meal menu may seem simplistic. Yet, as any In-N-Out aficionado will attest, there’s a secret menu with plenty of mouthwatering options.

One of the more popular choices is the Animal Style Burger or fries. This choice perfectly balances grilled onions smothered in cheese between two buns, or atop the restaurant’s crispy, thinly cut fries.

Add extra meat by ordering a 4×4 burger, which means you’ll get four hamburger patties and slices of cheese.

For a veggie option, order the grilled cheese sandwiches. Breadless burgers are also made to order.

You can also ask for extra spread (sauce) and spicy-and-sweet banana peppers.

This new addition to Fort Collins is just another example of the expanding food scene of all types and price ranges.

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