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If you are looking to purchase a higher-priced home in the Seattle area, but think it is out of the question, there may be a loan program for you.

Our exclusive Jumbo Solutions Loan Program helps homebuyers obtain a down payment on a high-priced property while staying within a strict budget, and potentially landing lower monthly mortgage payments.

The Jumbo Solutions Loan Program is applicable to loans that are higher than conforming balance limits. The program divides the loan amount into a first and second mortgage. The result is a reduced monthly payment because of low rates that could come thanks to high-balance conforming loans. (The first mortgage remains within the conforming high balance limit.)

In addition, the Jumbo Solutions Loan Program can help a homebuyer in the Seattle area avoid paying for private mortgage insurance and potentially allows for a lower interest rate on the loan.

There are a variety of qualifications that apply, including, but not limited to: a minimum FICO score (720 for CLTV <= 85%, 740 for CLTV > 85%), max debt-to-income ratio of 43 percent and that the residence be a one-to-two-unit primary residence and a one-unit second home to 85 percent CLTV.

If you thought Seattle real estate was out of reach, the Jumbo Solutions Loan Program may help change that.

Interested in hearing more about this opportunity? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our home loan professionals so we can learn about your unique financial circumstance and help you along the home-buying journey.

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