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Many first-time homebuyers are willing to move to buy a house. Specifically, about 60 percent of aspiring homebuyers say they are willing to relocate to another city or state to find a home they love and can comfortably afford, according to data from TransUnion.

This sentiment is even stronger among those in Generation Z. Nearly 70 percent are willing to move to find the ideal homebuying opportunity. Generation X came in second, at 65 percent, while 61 percent of Millennials say they would go above and beyond to buy a home.

Over the next three years, the number of people buying a home for the first time will be the highest it’s been since the recession. More than 8 million first-time homebuyers will enter the market eager to buy a home, according to TransUnion. This is a big increase from just a few years ago when about 7.5 million would-be buyers entered the market.

Currently, there’s an increase in the number of refinances, but the challenges of low inventory and still-climbing home prices may be keeping some people on the sidelines.

Yet, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for these younger groups of people hoping to realize their dreams of homeownership for the first time.

Home appreciation is beginning to settle, people are earning a little more and interest rates remain low. These forces are helping people in Roseville and beyond realize that homeownership is within reach.

We hope you will join the masses who believe homeownership is attainable and is worth the investment. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home in Roseville or in the surrounding greater Sacramento region, please let us know how we can be of assistance. Our local experts live and know this region well.

Together, we can take on this competitive, yet opportunity-filled market so you can try to reach your goal and fulfill your dream of owning your very first home.

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