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The availability of credit rose this year and is expected to keep that pace entering the new year, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The proof is in the rejection rates for credit cards, mortgages, and refinance applications – all of which tumbled when compared to previous years. Moving forward, credit seekers are more likely than not to be approved for new lines of credit and mortgages, which can drive more home sales. More and more Americans are not only applying for home loans but are scoring higher on their credit reports. It’s a winning combination for aspiring homeowners.

Lower interest rates and strong financial health are allowing consumers to land favorable lending terms and increase buying power.

In addition, a strong labor force is empowering consumers to take full control of their financing as the number of late payments fell to record lows. Unemployment is also the lowest it’s been in five decades.

And finally, lending is at a 12-year high.

With such pristine market conditions, it’s no wonder so many people are applying for FHA and VA loans.

The two loan programs are designed to get people into homes without exhausting their resources. Together, we will try to get you into a program that’s flexible to your unique needs. For those who qualify for a VA loan, that flexibility goes further: no down payment, no private mortgage insurance required.

To learn more about these two powerful lending programs, please contact us today to learn how we can work together so you can try to fulfill your goal of owning a home in Fort Collins.

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