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Thousands of Veterans can make homeownership a reality thanks to the Veterans Affairs loan program (VA Loan).

The path toward homeownership is made easier through the loan’s features. No down payment or mortgage insurance is necessary. And more often than not, Veterans will pay a lower interest rate.

It’s the least we can do for our Veterans here in Oahu and beyond.

Also, if you qualify for a VA loan and want to make some home improvements, here are some options to consider.

VA cash-out refinance

Is the equity in your home growing?

Then as a Veteran, you may be able to tap into the equity with a VA cash-out refinance.

The VA loan program will allow you to use the money for any reason, including toward home improvements that will help you continue to build equity.

A conventional or FHA are eligible for refinance through a VA-back mortgage program.

Energy efficiency

Want to make the most out of energy efficiency technology as a way for home improvements?

No problem.

Any costs associated with making energy efficiency upgrades within your home may be able to be rolled into a VA purchase, or refinance loan.

Acceptable projects include thermal windows, solar and cooling systems.

Supplemental option

The VA loan offers more than one way to cash out.

The supplemental loan can finance a home improvement project you’ve always dreamed about.

Another great benefit is that it can be structured as a second mortgage, included in a refinance or added to your current mortgage.

If you are a Veteran and you’re thinking about investing in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can work with you to maximize your VA benefits.

Thank you for your service.

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