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Meet Our Experts

What do I do as a Loan Consultant on Kauai? Well, I spend the majority of my days speaking at realtor events, sponsoring activities, attending open houses with realtor partners, meeting with clients, attending realtor caravans, and getting to know people in between! 🙂

My background is with a preferred lender of a national home builder in Austin, Texas (yeehaw!). The builder did extremely well, and I closed around 80 loan files the last full year I was there. When we moved to Kauai, which is also where my parents live, I decided to jump on board with Element Mortgage. Element Mortgage has roots in Hawaii, as Dustin Sheppard the SVP of Element is from Oahu.

I am the sole Loan Consultant on the island of Kauai with Element but thankfully I have an excellent team. We have Loan Consultants on Oahu and Maui as well and in California, Washington, and Colorado! Element Mortgage is a subsidiary of American Pacific Mortgage. A nationwide mortgage bank. One thing that is super cool about Element, is the array of products we offer! I have yet to run across a situation, where we didn’t have an option for the customer. Now sometimes they just don’t qualify, but sometimes they do qualify under unique circumstances.

One example of these ‘unique circumstances’ is our bank statement loan program. This is unique to our self-employed clients who may have a lot of cash flow coming from their business, but for tax reasons they write off a lot. Under normal, conventional guidelines we would only be able to use the income they report on their tax returns as qualifying income. But with this bank statement program, we can use 12-24 months bank statements to show deposits coming in from the business as income!

We also do construction loan, rehab loans, foreign national, land loans, HELOC, bridge, the list goes on :). Love being able to offer so many different products to our clients!



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