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For sale signs are much more prominent during “selling season,” which has traditionally been during spring and early summer.

Bad weather, the holiday season and end-of-year obligations may discourage people from home shopping and selling in winter.

Yet, it’s not impossible, or even unsmart, to put your home on the market during the colder months. There are several competitive advantages to selling your home right now – such as it being part of a smaller inventory.

If you decide to move ahead, here are five tips that can help you maximize your home sale.

Lighten things up

During the colder, shorter days of winter, light is your friend.

Open the blinds, shutters, drapes and curtains for maximum light coverage inside your home.

In addition to natural light, be sure to flip the switch on all your other lamps and light fixture so your home can truly shine.

Crank up heat

Set a welcoming indoor temperature inside your home so prospective buyers are more inclined to stick around and view more of your home during an open house or appointment.

If you have a fireplace, fire it up as well.

Be sure to turn up the heat a couple of degrees higher than normal to compensate for the cold air that may enter as people walk in and out of your home.

Make a playlist

Soft classical or jazz will be music to their ears.

Avoid using commercial radio or apps that constantly play ads. Try to create a playlist that loops uninterrupted for all your visitors to enjoy.

Offer additional info

Sometimes, a little extra information can go a long way.

Potential buyers can benefit from details you provide that they otherwise might miss.

For instance, if there’s a fixture or feature inside the home like an antique chandelier, let it be known that it comes with the house or that it’s extra special.

As you ponder this important decision, we hope you consider working with us at Element Mortgage for your next purchase after your home is sold. Whether you’re selling in Roseville or the surrounding areas, our local and knowledgeable mortgage experts can guide you through the process so you can try to make the most of your investment.

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